Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Insert Clever First Post Title Here

Hello there, viewing audience of probably none!

I'm Shanay, the seemingly quiet and timid individual that many people don't notice due to lack of presence. I say "seemingly", because lurking beneath my unassuming and partially normal exterior is the mind of a crazy person. How crazy? Well, as crazy as I need to be to make sense of this insanely chaotic world.

Or maybe I'm insane because I fancy myself an artist. I think it's some kind of requirement to be somewhat lacking in the sanity department in order to be a good artist. Not that I think that I'm all that great, mind you. I have a way to go before I get skilled enough to consider myself a "good artist".

However, I'm still at least a mediocre artist with a delusion of grandeur. Aren't we all, in a way? And because I can claim that artistic delusion, I've created this blog to share my art, old and new. And while I'm at it, I might as well throw in some opinions and musings that I fancy to be relevent to other people. Who knows, maybe my posts will somehow change the lives of millions worldwide! Or maybe I'll have an audience of me to read my posts. Either way, I'll keep myself entertained. :)

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