Friday, February 10, 2012

Dueling Banjo Pigs

The first thing that you may be thinking is, "What on earth is a dueling banjo pig?" Well, I'm glad you ask! Dueling Banjo Pigs is a blog for anyone who likes to draw, or anyone who has an unholy obsession with either pigs or banjos. Anyone can submit a banjo pig, so you should go check it out:

Dueling Banjo Pigs
For one of my classes I did five sketches for potential banjo pigs, and I finaled two of them. One had to be a woodcut-style banjo pig, and the other one was any style. Because I normally do flat colors with lineart, I decided to try something different and did more of a cutout style for my second pig.

Woodcut Banjo Pig:

Detective Banjo Pig:

I'll be honest, I'm not really one for woodcut-style images, they aren't really my thing. I do, however, think that my second pig turned out kind of cool (albeit a bit too... blue?).

My pigs are dueling. With banjos. Are yours?


  1. the second one almost reminds me of Dr. Who....Almost. Now if doctor who was a pig and the tardis was a big blue building and the sonic screw driver was a banjo magnifying glass. It would be a perfect match. lol....ok maybe not. I love the detective theme you have going on however. it also kinda reminds me of the pig city animation we saw in class.

    1. Ah, Pig City. What a fun little animation! :)

      And I deny all knowledge of any Who similarities! (Because, well, I've never seen the show. :D ) I consider this my homage to Sherlock Holmes, greatest detective of all time. Because no one else would be able to match the genius of Moriarty.