Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Puppets from 2011's Past

As I was digging through piles and piles of old, dusty and forgotten bits of computer data today, I rediscovered some old puppets from early 2011. Sadly, being made up of nothing but 0s and 1s, these are not the type of puppet that you can wear on your hand (nor were they made out of old and somewhat questionably-colored socks). These are Toonboom puppets!
(Toonboom is an animation program, similar to Flash.

Despite not being made of socks, this type of puppet is fun to make. Sadly, I think my puppets are on par with sock puppets, but hopefully they still amaze and entertain

The Gypsy Puppet (first attempt at a digital puppet):

And her ship (my favorite part):

I also grabbed a screenshot of a puppet I made for a 49 hour animation competition (as the name implies, 49 hours to go from nothing to animated short). The theme? Public speech gone wrong. So we animated a little girl who shows off her pet monster. This is Sally:

As fun as sock puppets? Probably not. But digital puppets are still pretty fun. And a LOT less smelly.


  1. I love your designs they are always really awesome!!!! The 49 hour competition was really fun and your characters and animation was really great!!!!!!! By the way I wanna get on that ship and go somewhere!

    1. I'm just surprised we all made it out of that competition alive. I think Zach doing accents was probably a key factor, considering the tension that hit near midnight. :P

      And no, you may not fly away on my ship! I want it for myself, since the auto industry still hasn't made me a Starship.