Friday, June 15, 2012

Shiny - Illustration Friday

Look, another blog update in the same month! I smell conspiracy...

My submission for this week's Illustration Friday (Theme: Shiny):

Originally I was going to do something else for my submission (a picture of Perseus vs. Medusa), but I decided I didn't like it, thus effectively scrapping my first submission in favor of something a little more classic. Dragons anyone?

I'm just glad it turned out. I haven't drawn anything with four legs for a LONG time (ironic, considering that the sum of my artistic subjects used to fall under the category of "wolves" and "dragons"). Also, I forced myself to play with color. Was I successful? Probably not, but maybe someday I'll get the hang of it. I'm just glad I finished this thing, since I sort of slapped it together last minute.

Fear the dragon. That is all.


  1. I love how the gold is so shiny that it reflects on to the dragon's scales and wings!

    1. That's how I'd want my dragon hoard: nice and reflective. :)