Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Here Comes the Thunder!

Thunder Fro, to be precise. With the power of weather science and really big metal gloves backing her up, this is one super being you shouldn't mess with.

And she is also a super being that I probably should have uploaded several weeks ago. But since I have the power of procrastination, a prompt upload was highly improbable.

A quick explanation: For Project Superhero we were all given two words from which to randomly generate a hero of some kind. My words were "thunder" and "fro". When all heroes were created and ready to defeat all villainy, we had a tournament to see which hero conquers all. The winner was not mine, but a larger-than-life lady still took home the gold. :) And despite her defeat, Thunder Fro is still ready to rumble. (Punny? Indubitably so.)


  1. Love this design... It should have gone much farther in the fisticuffs!

    1. There were several designs that I thought got taken out too fast. I liked yours, because it was a pie ninja (what's better than a superhero that has a blue ribbon for tastiness?), and Aero Quail was pretty cool. Mike's was awesome in a Lovecraft sort of way. I don't know, there were a lot of good ones that I thought were taken out too early.